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Anti Valentines day Quotes and Cards 2016 - Funny and Unique

Quotes for Anti Valentines day Cards 2016

There are two types of people 1. who believe in love and other who didn't. Those who are believe in love stop reading this post from here cause It is a collection of the Anti Valentines day Cards 2016 and Anti Valentine Quotes 2016.

This post is specially made for those who are not believing in love and all that. Get the latest Anti valentine day quotes and cards pictures 2016 from here.

Anti Valentines day Sayings and cards 2016

Anti Valentine
No Red No Candy, No love, No card, No Valentine

I hate Valentines day 

 This is one of the best quote to write on Anti-valentines day Greetings card.
Anti Valentines day 2016 card quote 
You say Valentine's day is stupif and commercial and meaningless and over-rated and then you moan when I don't get you a card
So fine: here's a card. Happy Now?

 Funny Anti Valentines day Card quote

Sorry Anti Valentine Quote
I won'y be giving you my heart this year, But I do have another throbbing organ you might be interested in... :P :P 

Single and Loving it Quote for Anti lovers 

Anti Valentine day Card 2016

bye bye darling card for him on anti valentines day

ANTI Valentines day 2016
Hope you will LOVE this  collection of the various stuffs related to ANTI valentine day 2016. Don't forget to share this awesome pics and quotes cards with your friends on this valentines day 2016.

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Anti Valentines day Quotes and Cards 2016 - Funny and Unique
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